I Broke up With the World

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion. ~Albert Camus~

I broke up with the world… the world of social media especially. And the world of expectations, ‘should’, ‘should not’ and ‘how to be a successful coach’. I quit… for close to six weeks now.

Here’s the thing! No one seemed to notice — well at least it felt like that at first. It doesn’t matter — it really doesn’t. I didn’t do it on purpose or even with purpose. It just kind of happened while I was on vacation.

There is a conduit from which it began… you may remember my battle just over a year ago, following my ill-fated decision to undergo Laser eye surgery. A couple months prior to vacation I underwent a follow up treatment to address the regression of my sight — AKA — the first time didn’t work the way it was supposed to.

Fast forward to bright blue skies, sunshine and sandy beaches as far as the eye can see… an extreme sensitivity to light takes up residence, threatening the beauty and serenity of my time in the Dominican Republic… oh come on, you know me better than that!

Photo credit: Hugh Culver, my partner in life, love and travel

It’s not all bad and it became apparent, ‘screen time’ was a BAD IDEA. For within mere minutes, my eyeballs began to throb, burn and blur. I didn’t listen right away… AGAIN, you know me better than that!

Why I quit social media

So my break up with social media began. And so did my well laid plan to write, write and write (and read) while sitting on white sand beaches, turquoise waters lapping at the shore. An unfortunate side effect — the disconnect from my community, my peers, family, friends, all of you I hold so dear and close in my heart…

I have yet to return to social media as of this writing. On the rare temptation, my whole body revolts — a visceral discord of sorts occurs. I know I’ll return, if only to post these very words. Slowly I am reshaping my relationship with social media. I’m coming to terms with how I will allow it to fit in my life.

Why am I telling you this? Well, at first I was driven by guilt. Guilt for not reaching out sooner, not sending my Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, Happy New Year wishes. For a brief moment my ego told me I was making excuses, hiding even —NOT TRUE.

I had to disconnect from almost everything in order to hear what my heart was calling for — in order to see what my soul desired most. A deeper connection to self and others.

How I found my purpose

Here in lies my purpose… my desire — how I want to show up in 2022.

CONNECTION… my word, my guiding light for this next year.

Connection will be the ‘current’ by which I move through the days, the weeks of the New Year. Whether it be through coaching, photography, writing or simply being…

I have something special brewing. While I’m tempted to carry on… I’ll leave it for another day, another time soon to arrive - I promise!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear what your word might be for 2022. How do you want to feel and show up? Whether you’ve thought about it before matters not… what came to you as you read these words? What do you most desire, need, envision? For a little inspiration read my last year blog on Why I Think Goal Setting Sucks.

Belated as it may be, I hope your Christmas was merry — I know for some it was a painful time… and still is… Wherever you are in your journey called life, my wish is you find more joy, fulfillment, healing — more of what you desire most each day.

And may all your wishes and dreams come true in 2022.

PS. I’d love to hear from you and as I navigate my social media absence, I invite you to reach out directly via email, messenger, text, call or coffee date (wine will have to wait due to dry January).




I write about my own experiences and life lessons on overcoming self-sabotage behavior and inner negative narratives. My goal is to live an extraordinary life.

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Donna Koch

Donna Koch

I write about my own experiences and life lessons on overcoming self-sabotage behavior and inner negative narratives. My goal is to live an extraordinary life.

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